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Enrichment Licking Mat
Enrichment Licking Mat

Enrichment Licking Mat

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Keep your piggy occupied with no mess and no hassle! Great for baths, hoof trims, car rides, vet trips etc...

ENRICHMENT:  Spread your pig’s favorite soft treat across the surface of the emat, ensuring the treat is pushed down into the surface of the mat. 

BENEFITS:  Entertain your pig. Avoid overfeeding. 

TREAT SUGGESTIONS: peanut/almond butter, avocado spread out, yogurt (plain), coconut oil, crushed treat moistened with water.  Consult your vet for a complete list of foods that are suitable for your pig.

WARNING: This is not a chew toy.  Supervise your pig while using this enrichment mat.  If emat becomes damaged, remove from pet immediately.

CARE:  This emat is dishwasher safe on the top rack.  You can also wash in warm soapy water.

DIMENSIONS: 8” wide X 8” tall. .25” thick.  Weight: 5.5 oz

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